Would you like to join one of our football teams?

Our football club will provide you with a different learning environment. Come along for a free trial session and experience what it is to be part of a football club completely focused on your needs as a football player.

Our coaching staff is of the highest quality and we guarantee you will love your time with us. Our club prides itself on its thorough analysis of each individual player as this is the tool that allows us to address each player’s needs and shape each session towards individual development.

All our teams have a very inclusive style of play that allows the ball to move throughout each area of the pitch, involving all players on the attacking moments of the game. All our players are encouraged to be comfortable on the ball and take initiative with it, as we believe that only by doing so can a player improve.

Play league and cup matches against some of the best grassroots teams in London!

Being part of one of our teams also means that you will be able to compete in local football leagues, against some of the best grassroots teams in the country, while also having the opportunity to compete in national and international tournaments during the summer period. Last season alone, several of our teams finished first on their divisions and some went really far in the cups, with our U12s reaching the League Cup final.

Compete against the highest level of football!
Crystal Palace v Sintra AFA

If you join our club, you will be joining a group of players that have a proven competitive record at the grassroots level, with many of them being identified by top academies. Some of our players have been selected for their district team while also being invited for scouting events organised by some major professional clubs in London.

Our teams often get the chance to compete with some of the best professional academies and development centers in the country too. Last season, our U12s and U13s had the opportunity to visit and play against the Crystal Palace FC Development Center and Chelsea FC Development center. These are experiences that are available for our best teams which achieve success on the pitch and stand out enough to be invited to these kind of events.

Crystal Palace v Sintra AFA
Play on national and international tournaments!

But it does not end here. Because our club has sessions throughout the entire year, during the summer each team competes in several summer tournaments within the national circuit. We also look to go abroad, organising international trips for our teams to attend summer tournaments that bring in teams from all over the globe.

Ultimately, our club will provide you with an amazing experience all year round. Below, you will find a form that your parents can fill in for you so that you can book your FREE trial with us. Come and experience what it is to be part of our club!